Bullpen Pitching

Zach, through his professional experience, has developed an uncanny talent to establish a special, personal connection with his baseball students.  His disciplined, yet encouraging approach promotes the importance of proper warm ups, throwing mechanics, nutrition, and mental focus.  He fosters good habits for longevity to make the most of each player’s potential, while helping to prevent injury.  Working with Zach has greatly improved my son’s pitching and deepened his appreciation for what it takes to play baseball well.  It is rare to find a coach with this combination of attributes.

The Bullpen and Zach Dials are not only about the mechanics of pitching; but also, the other necessary aspects of training that are required to be successful and prepared.  His commitment and interest in each individual player has ensured my son is in a much better position to succeed.  Succeed not only on the baseball field, but also in areas that go beyond baseball.

Zach Dials has been not only a great pitching coach, but a great role model and mentor to my son and the group of young men on the team  we have been associated with for the last two years. He has helped my son maximize his talents, raise his confidence level, and become a more effective pitcher. Zach’s technical pitching knowledge has been invaluable and has elevated RJ’s pitching game. We thank Coach Zach for his patience, persistence, and tons of encouragement over the years which has made a world of difference for us.

My son Nick has worked with Zach for a few years now. Zach’s attention to detail of the proper pitching mechanics as well as his ability to explain all of this so the young brain of a kid can understand it, is in one word ….AWESOME! While other pitchers on his team and pitchers we know in the league have had arm troubles or struggled,  Zach has been able to get Nick’s mechanics in sync where he was an above average pitcher as a 12U and now transitioning strongly to the big mound as a 13U. A lot of hard work still ahead, it’s nice to know Zach’s there to get it done!

To whom it may concern

My name is Don Greco and I have a 16 year old son named Andrew.
Andrew has played travel baseball at a very high level since he was 9 years old. He has had the benefit of a lot of great coaching and has also seen his share of not so great coaching during that span. The great coaches have not only raised his level of play but have fueled his love for the game and his desire to excel. He works very hard to be successful.
It is in this vein that I met Zach Dials.

Andrew has loved playing every position on the field. He takes pride in the fact that he can be put at any location and plays it well.  But the position that he enjoys more than any other is pitcher. He relishes the fact that the game can hinge on every throw. But, he needed to get better……a lot better to compete at the levels he wants to play at including his high school team. I will tell you that I have tried quite a few pitching instructors and as a result have not gotten the return on investment that we were expecting from not only the money but the time invested.

By chance, we ran into Zach Dials when he was instructing at Frozen Ropes during his off season almost 3 years ago. At that point things changed dramatically. For the first time Andrew experienced a holistic approach not only to pitching but the entire game. A major emphasis was put into the physical and mental aspects of preparing for the game. Andrew was given a rigorous warm up routine to get himself prepared for the game. It also helped him to mentally prepare as well and focus on the location and speed of every pitch.
Different from all the instruction that he had before, Andrew was now learning the mechanics of pitching and the reasons why things happen.  It is a process I am finding that takes concentration, practice and an understanding of the art of pitching. Zach Dials is the only instructor I have seen that brings the total package of pitching to each of his students. He has the innate ability to get into the psyche of each student and understands what needs to be tweaked both mentally and physically to raise the level of performance.
Andrew is getting better by the week. He has pitched at both the high school and elite travel level. He has been graded very high by college coaches in his tryouts.  His control, attitude, practice habits and love of the game have increased and improved significantly. Most of all he has gained an understanding of the philosophy, mental toughness, mechanics and the need for total preparation in pitching.

I highly recommend Zach Dials and his pitching program.

Don Greco

Zach Dials was recommended to me by a neighbor as a pitching coach that seemed to really connect with the boys and was focused on the mechanics of pitching and maintaining the arm health of young pitchers.  My son starting working with Zach as a raw 10 year-old pitcher and has developed into the number one pitcher for his 12u travel team.  Zach’s focus on mechanics for the last two years has been evident in the dramatic improvement in my son’s ability to repeat his pitching motion and consistently throw greater than 60% strikes during the last fall season.  I have been impressed with Zach’s ability to adjust and tailor the drills he is teaching to the needs of my son and I believe that Zach is one of the best pitching coaches in Northern Virginia.