The Bullpen Pitching Program

Bullpen Pitching

Pitching Mechanics

Pitching mechanics are an essential component in helping players become more efficient throwing athletes. As mechanics are improved, players become more consistent repeating a delivery that will allow them to command the ball with improved accuracy, add velocity, and avoid injury. We use a variety of training methods from manual manipulation to the use of slow motion video, to allow for a breakdown of pitching mechanics

Arm Maintenance

Arm care is an area of focus that the throwing athlete often neglects. At The Bullpen there is strong emphasis on improving arm health by having players understand the importance of “prehab” exercises. Players are given rotator cuff exercises as part of their warm up program and also their post throwing cuff strengthening exercises.

Strength Training

Strength training is a foundation of any successful athlete. We use it to improve our strength, balance, flexibility and overall conditioning of the body. At The Bullpen, we focus on functional strength training to support the throwing athlete.


Just as in any sport, in order to reach your full potential as an athlete, you must provide your body with the correct nourishment. Players are advised on proper dietary habits that will help them perform at a high level while also helping the body recover. At The Bullpen, we like to follow the saying, “You wouldn’t put regular fuel in a racecar.”